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  1. Got mine today thanks CL and Renegaderows. Will post link here when I start log up.
    FOCUSED Nutrition Lead Rep

  2. Awesome marms!!! Any other apps?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BoSox36 View Post
    I got mine in the mail today. Im going on vacation tomorrow till next tuesday, so im going to hold off till wednesday to start my log
    No prob, you've done logs for us in the past and they were always top notch. can't wait for this!

  4. how it working so far???

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    R-AM and PM is almost a staple for me, got the set of 3 , run it one set , 3 -4 weeks off then back on,

    Would love the opportunity to try something on those line.

    Here is why I would make a good logger: first timer

    1. Return User : have been using R-AM PM as religiously as I dose my fish oil.

    2. My profession: Consultant , I travel for a living , gyms are as good as the ones the Courtyards/Hamptons offer. Travel log :

    MEM->DCA->PHL->OKC->ATL->MEM over a period of 2 weeks, repeats since April till December 2012.

    3. Diet : As whimsical as it can get, oatmeals and grilled veggies/ fish , unless I am back home, I'm on an inadvertent CKD most of the time. Workout at the best gym in MEM only on the weekends, else it's my bands and the gym at the hotels, which often are just a treadmill and something that resembles a Hoist AIO machine. The most sleep I can get during a weeknight is 5 hours.

    4. Transformation: have run a series of and non stim prdoucts, Scorch, AT2, Shred Matrix, LX , R-XT, Dcp.

    Dec 1: 243lbs, waist size 42

    May 10th : 154lbs

    June 21 : 161lbs

    July 31 : avatar pic, waist size 31, 168lbs.

  6. So, i just got back from vacation, spent a few days extra. So the plan is to start on monday..sorry for the delay

  7. So my post got ignored

  8. Anxious to start my log, just waiting on the product.
    http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/205898-getting-swole-swollen.html - LOG [[COMPLETED]]


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