AX Athletes Joint Restore - Joint Pain Study - Try it first!

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  1. Just purchased...hope I get more relief than I'm getting now.

  2. I'm in on this! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  3. I see the bottle suggests taking two capsules a day, with or without food. However I am wondering what would be most ideal, taking both capsules together OR separating them to different times of the day? And in terms of timing, is it better to have later or earlier or preworkout or post-training, etc.

    Just a couple things I thought could use some clarification. After all, I wanna get the most I possibly can out of this product! I'm excited for this

  4. I got mine last night and took my first dose right away. I'm planning on two caps peeved unless otherwise recommended. This fits into my current supp schedule without having to jam 2 more into another time.

  5. Just received mine in the mail....two caps down

  6. Been taking mine for over 2 weeks elbows and shooting pains into Hands are seriously starting to reside. Not completely gone but barrable! Especially while on erase

    Droid razor maxx

  7. Received mine last night. First dose down. I really hope this will help my shoulders and knees out.

  8. right now i am using ninja and its really helping me out for pre work !! so that i dont need to take join pain. after all thanks for the info !!
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces

  9. i need a new joint supplement...


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