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Vaughn, would you mind weighing in on the direction you'd be looking to take this product? I'm assuming it was in the chance that you guys might produce it and not just to satisfy your curiosity lol.

I'd just like to hear your thoughts on if you're looking for this to be the type of product you'd have your support supplements from (kind of like Protocol) or one that will include your nutrition, too (the carbs and/or protein) or one to cover them all.

Essentially, a company could market 3 products for this (or even more if you broke it down further, but that's another story):

A) Whey Isolate + Simple Carbs
B) Support Post Supplements (e.g. digestive enzymes, creatine, BA, LCLT, agmatine, etc.)
C) A combination of A and B, which would obviously have a very high pricetag, but would allow users to have ONE product, rather than fiddling around with so much.

I'd see product C being a treat. It's not something you'd run year round as a staple, but you would treat yourself to it on occasion, allowing yourself to not have to hassle with 10 different products/compounds/powders/pills.
Oooo! Good call! I forgot to add beta alanine