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I can imagine this Trevor guy talking and looking like a Canadian from South Park.
His dad being a professor has nothing to do with him living in Canada does it?
So explain why he is applying to 7 US Only promo's at once when he lives in Canada, and not the United States.

Hey. I have friends that live in Canada, does that mean I am a dual citizen if I go up and visit them a few times a year? Absolutely not.
He has multiple excuses for giving out a US Address I busted him in the PES Promo and he said "I send packages to my friend who lost his job in the US"
Then When I caught him on FB he brought up his dad and him being a professor in the US as a reason he sends packages to the United States.

It does not make it right that you reside in a different country and apply for promotions that do not apply to your residence. Not to mention did you ever read his reviews??He owed Scivation a review for months after winning back in April. The second I brought it up he was clueless that he had to do a review because he does not keep track of the promotions he applies for.

So his reply 10/10 .. product tastes good.. 8/10 too expensive to buy in canada.. Overall 9/10.. Good product
His recent reviews he got for a stack of dymatize products:
L-Carnitine : Tastes great 10/10
ZMA : Works as suggested 10/10
CLA: Works as suggested 10/10

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Literally most of his reviews on bb.com:
"One of the best tasting [insert product type here] I ever used!"

the guy clearly doesn't use half the crap he gets, and applies to so many promo's he can't keep track of what he owes reviews for, and in return everything is a 10/10. Just go to his bodyspace and read his reviews. None of them are longer then 1 sentence. Another reason why the reviews on that other webpage are a complete joke and 90% of them are fake.

It is clear the mods over there need to be aware this guy is taking advantage of multiple companies and applying for promotions for where he does not live. @Admin has made sure he does not apply for any more promotions on this site. Since @Admin said that, he has not posted here.

Peanut Butter Cookie Select Giveaway!

Recently he owed Performax a review for over 3 months ago, and he randomly popped on yesterday and dropped a review after 3 months of a product that had 30 servings but took him 3 months to complete using. Which according to him, he trains 6x a week. Therefore it should of not taken more then 1 month to complete

Performax Labs NootropiMax log

his excuse? I have been busy, yet he is too busy applying daily to 5-6-7 promo's on another board. It is clear his true intention with 100% of his posts in the company promo are to take advantage of any company he can. This guy has to go for good.

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Sorry for being MIA. I have been really busy with my university work and haven't logged into AM for a while.
I really enjoyed the product. I finished the bottle about 2 weeks ago.
All in all - really good product. I recommend it for anyone looking for a cognitive 'focus enhancing' supplement.
after not logging in for a month after admin told him no more applying for promo's that is all he dropped because he owed the company a review and had no idea. @AntM1564 had to PM him on the other board to make sure he finished his review and log.