Sponsored Logging Opportunity for Strength Athletes

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    1) Age: 23

    2) Experience level: over 4 years since I first grasped a dumbbell in a gym, about 16mo since I started training seriously and dieting (semi =p ) properly.

    3) Routine: I do DC training lifting every other day, which while it is technically a bodybuilding program it definitely translates well to strength. It's the absolute best program I feel for increasing your squat, and it has helped my bench a lot, too (jury's out on the deadlift).

    4) Diet: right now I'm on a semi-bulk of sorts, but taking in about 300-350g protein, 250-300g carb, 180g fat. I started at 205/210 in July but have since plateaued at 240, and I even lost 10lbs over thanksgiving break (WTF???). My plateau may be to poor sleep, though, and not diet. At any rate, I'm considering throwing in protein shakes with 2 other meals and seeing how that goes.

    5) What product you want to try and why: I think I would really love to try out HGHpro the most. I don't respond well or at all to testofen (I was dosing it both as recommended and at twice the dosage with nothing happening), so TestoPro is out. I also replied to the HGHpro logging opp because I both see this playing a role in recovery, which would help with gains, and since my sleep quality has been pretty poor since September (only getting 5-7 hours of any sort of sleep) this could help a lot with that, too, which would help with my overall quality of life. So I see a hole in my otherwise perfect routine, and I think HGHpro would very easily plug that hole.

  2. Oh hahaha, I applied late. Damn! Stupid browser didn't refresh and let me see that winners were declared, lol

  3. congrats guys!

    and big thanks to A I

  4. Thanks, can't wait to try it out.

  5. no problem, thanks for the samples. congrats to the winners.

  6. awesome! I been buried i school work, didn't even realize this. Thanks AI!!!!

  7. My log, first doses start tonight. Thanks a lot for the extra stuff aswell!
    Jay breaking PRs with Intimidate and HGHpro


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