AgeForce Pre/Post Workout Patch - Red Ears Promo

  1. AgeForce Pre/Post Workout Patch - Red Ears Promo

    Your Red Ears Will Prove That It's The World's
    Most Powerful Nitric Oxide Booster!

    So How About A Free Month Trial?

    When we introduced our Pre&Post Workout Nitric Oxide booster patch a few months ago, we started getting hundreds of phone calls and emails from customers asking us why their ears were turning red after they put the a patch on? (Answer) Because the patch is working! As Nitric Oxide levels ramp up, blood vessels dilate and blood flow levels increase with no additional cardiac demand. For some, that results in red ears....For everyone it means more oxygenated blood flow to muscle groups and an awesome pump!

    3 things you should know about this awesome time-release transdermal patch:
    • It is the most powerful Nitric Oxide booster available! Nothing comes close!
    • Direct to bloodstream delivery allows you coordinate your Nitric Oxide boost with your workout instead of waiting hours for oral boosters to be digested!
    • Each patch contains an advanced second stage post workout recovery formula!
    Free Month Trial Offer Rules - Promo Code: ABNOFREE
    • Limit One Per Customer
    • Use AutoShip Order Option
    • New Pre&Post Workout Patch Customers
    • We reserve the right to accept orders based on prior customer experience
    If you want to maximize workout results, you have to try this patch!
    Your Friends At Phase4 Pharmaceutical
    Phone: (305) 788-6604 (EST)

    [email protected]

    NeedToBuildMuscle Representative / PowerChews Representative
    AgeForce Representative - for hGH Patches!
    Send me a PM with any questions about products & discount codes

  2. I'm on patch 3 since I got mine. Red ears for sure lol.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

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