Anabolic Designs Pro-Test Cycle 'GRANITE MASS'


Anabolic designs are proud to announce the launch of the all new pro test cycle. This cycle is for advanced trainers who are looking to push their supplementing arsenal to the next level. Users of the pro test cycle can expect granite mass gains; new layers of thick, dense, lean muscle tissue, skyrocketing strength gains, vastly enhanced libido function, head turning pumps and vascularity along with enhanced mood and recovery!

What results can I expect from the Pro Test Cycle?

Users will get granite mass gains; everyone varies in what gains they will experience but testers have experienced consistent gains of 5-10 lbs in a four week cycle when used with a good nutrition and training program, some users gain more one subject gained 12lbs in just 3 weeks, as a brand we do not make false promises or over hype results but we truly believe this is the strongest natural mass building combination available!!!

Sound good? Read on!

The pro test cycle consists of arguably the market leading natural anabolic augmentation system Tauro Test and the innovative new raw test product Bullk. These two products work in synergy to keep the body in an anabolic state and demand the muscle cells scavenge the body for the nutrients needed to trigger new growth! Not only does the stack put testosterone levels into overdrive but they also reduce estrogen levels thus optimizing free testosterone levels in the body making this a perfect stack for all natural trainers or trainers that have used additional supplementation and are looking to boost or restore the natural production of testosterone again

How do I use the pro test cycle for maximum granite mass gains?

Cycles should be run for 4-8 weeks and then followed by a 4 week break, the nature of the cycle means that for ultimate mass 2g of protein per lb of lean mass is a minimum requirement so a 200lb Male with 10 percent bodyfat would need a MINIMUM of 360g of protein daily. These levels are required due to the increased rates of protein synthesis, nutrient utilization. The levels of nitrogen retention within the muscle cells will be hugely exaggerated giving users that fuller denser granite like appearance.

Can I stack this with other products?

YES, the Pro Test Cycle can be used with Ravenous, this is recommended to all athletes as the high protein intake may be difficult for some users to consume; Ravenous will stop bloating and also further enhance nutrient uptake, rates of digestion and reduce toxins within the body. This is perfect for an all out Mass building phase for the most advanced trainers.

Shredabull can also be used with the Pro Test Cycle to help burn body fat stores, the high protein intake will allow users to gain lean muscle tissue and adding shredabull will make existing fat stores accessible as a source of energy, if fat loss and hardening is the goal then keep carbohydrates moderate and consume around workout times, fat intake should be moderate/low sticking to quality essential fatty acids the addition perform fasted cardiovascular work 3-5 times per week will also amplify effects and is deemed essential when looking to shed body fat.

Anabolic Designs Pro Test Cycle, are you ready for Granite Mass?