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  1. Exclamation PROMO: The Breach t-shirt

    The Animal Breach ads are in full swing, for those that have signed up for the special promos you will be getting an email and a chance at this special shirt.

    For everyone else we are going to give away 3 of these special edition t-shirts right here.

    Please post your entry here by telling us your impression of the Breach so far.

    Here is a link to the article and the Breach cell pages:

    Article Details

    Rules: U.S. address only

  2. Talking

    Sweet!!! I can haz one...???

  3. Looks pretty effin sweet. I like the black and white/noir styling.

  4. great looking shirts and paintings... looks reminds me of Sin City comics... i dig the dark/gothic feel they all have.. its like this dude just lives to lift. he doesnt care about material possessions... he just needs his boots and straps, and he's ready. he'll lift anywhere. in a garage. in a basement. in a back room of a poker hall. he doesnt care, as long as there is enough weight to throw around to satisfy his needs.

  5. This is a sick shirt!

    My impression of Breach so far. A completly unique way of going about ads for a supplement company. It's actually more then an ad. It's expressing a lifestyle that we all wish we could be apart of. This down and dirty lifestyle that is showing the hardcore lifting spirit within us all. Animal always has a unique approach to ads, rather then plastering crazy facts about thier supps, you show the life.

    Good luck everyone. Can't wait!

  6. cool imagine everyone can relate. I epically like the newest issue walk tall. That was my motivation to start lifting. i see this as another great animal classic

  7. My impression of the breach is the exact opposite of the impression you get at my "health club and day spa". The picture shows someone who puts in the work, gets **** done, and doesn't crowed the bench with a frappachino b/sing for 2hours.

  8. Def bad ass. It has that feel of a dungeon style gym where u go to do work. Im back in a dungeon style gym and that shirt would go well with my new environment

  9. i love animal t-shirts.....awesome give away....i love me some free t-shirts

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Def bad ass. It has that feel of a dungeon style gym where u go to do work. Im back in a dungeon style gym and that shirt would go well with my new environment
    You don’t need it; your already living the dream. I need it so when I start craving a Pete’s Coffee from the coffee shop inside the f-ing gym, and I feel my wrist starting to go limp from all the beta estrogen filled "men" in the room. I can look in the mirror and get the motivation needed to dust off the rack of 100+lb dumbbells and get in my last set.

    Edit: your probably wondering why I am at this gym. They bought out my hole in the wall power lifting gym and closed it. Now I have to spend the remainder of my membership here...

  11. I love these ads because they give that "real life" feel to what many of us go through every day. Every time I see one of those ads I thing to myself "I know how that feels." They are very get in and get out. All business and while still inspiring. Also, it's nice to not see products plastered all over the pages. You see him and you know what it means.

  12. BUMP!

  13. SICCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. I think the shirt looks very good. I usually like simple shirts, simple logos, designs, ad campaigns etc look the best to me. However, I like this ad campaign. I think it connects on a personal level much like the journey ads did. Everyone that really lifts hard can connect with the dialog in the ads and inside I think we all really long to be a monster like Frank (McGrath) and this guy on the new shirts and ads haha. So in a nutshell - My first impression is "damn thats a kick ass shirt/ad campaign....I gotta go back to the gym again today" lol.

    I think my favorite add is the one that shows him walking in that hoodie. That is a true monster right there, a guy that walks around in a hoodie, covered up, not concerned with showing off just with getting bigger.

    Whoever is in charge of Animal's ad campaigns needs a raise. Animal is the top company in my eyes when it comes to ad design and creativity. period. And they make excellent supps too.

    good luck to all the applicants.

  15. ahhh!!!! i got the special email, went to sign in for a shirt and it appears it's closed!!! can't to to my email from work so i must be to late, so mad

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    ahhh!!!! i got the special email, went to sign in for a shirt and it appears it's closed!!! can't to to my email from work so i must be to late, so mad

    special email you say?

  17. My opinion on the shirt? That shirt is money! I dont want a free one, I wanna know where I can buy it!

  18. I've seen these ad's mostly in the Muscle and Fitness magazines. It gives off a dark vibe, one big huge man in a long dark hallway, or In a some sort of trench coat (As seen in the other ads). It pretty much just tells you to Lift. Most companys are too worried about these new B.S. results they come up with such as "Lose 100lbs in just two weeks with the new Hydroxy Cut HARDCORE!!!". Animal/Universal products have never failed myself, along with many others. These ads to me show that they don't need all these B.S. gimmicks or tricks to promote the product line. As gay as it sounds, you guys set the level of "Cool" per say. Your whole website, the cage, those Barbell clubs (I wish one was in my area!!!) everything. It's honestly just cool. Like no other site or company. Animal for an example is how I view you guys. Think of the conotations with the word Animal. Fierce, vicious, rabid, fury, and just pure insane. It beats Muscle Tech anyday. The whole saying something without saying anything term is used at its upmost potential here.

    I know I submitted an entry for the Torrent, you do not have to count this as an Entry at all, I just want to give my honest opinion.
  19. Cool

    That shirt rocks. Good luck to the entrants.


  20. bump?

  21. Whose the winnar?
  22. Talking

    NG can be a tease, he'll be picking winners sometime but he hasn't said when

  23. bump?

  24. n8te wins. i'll send you a beefy-T that says "Capnsavem is God".

    you're welcome.


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