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    Throughout history we have witnessed the rise and fall of many legends. At some point all the greats “peak out” and fall, yet at the same time, a new legend arises from the ashes. Records are shattered, superlatives are eclipsed and a new legend is born. In the world of thermogenic fat burners this has never been so true. Ephedra and more specifically, the ECA stack, was undoubtedly the legend of its time. Since its fall many have promised such results, yet never delivered the same effects.

    Introducing Vapor-XT

    Vapor-XT provides a simple, yet powerful blend of ingredients designed to fill this void. Vapor-XT does not hide the ingredients behind some veil of secrecy known as the proprietary blend. It provides a simple yet targeted approach with key ingredients in precise amounts so results are delivered.

    The first of three key ingredients in Vapor-XT is an ingredient known by the name Halostachine™. Halostachine, also known as N-methylphenylethanolamine, is a potent beta adrenergic agonist similar in structure and activity to ephedrine. Beta-receptors, particularly Beta-3 play an integral role in stimulating the release of fatty acids from the adipocytes. This is a key step in the thermogenic pathways and one that must be invoked for fat loss to occur.

    Halostachine is found naturally in rye grass and also produced exogenously in mammals and standardized from the plant Halostachys caspica. Furthermore, it is a natural metabolite of phenylethylamine, which is found naturally in cocoa beans. Halostachine has pharmacological action similar to ephedrine but is slightly less potent and believed to be much safer. Halostachine is less toxic than ephedrine, with an LD50 twice that of ephedrine, 500 mg/kg ip vs 242 mg/kg sp which gives an indication of the relative toxicity of this ingredient compared to other similar products. Anecdotal testing of Halostachine suggests that it is actually more effective than ephedrine, giving it a much better therapeutic index (efficacious dose)/(toxic dose). A paper by Shannn, Cone and Yousefnejad demonstrated no significant increases in heart rate with Halostachine administration - even when administered intravenously at doses of several multiples of those proposed for supplemental use.

    The other two key ingredients found in new Vapor-XT are caffeine and white willow bark, two of the original key components in the original ECA stack.

    Anyone that has ever ingested caffeine knows its effects, increased energy, increased thermogenesis, etc… The effects of Caffeine are quite frankly, common knowledge so let’s just take a peek at some key pertinent studies. The science behind caffeine is well documented and its street credibility undeniable. Looking specifically at thermogenesis, a study just published by Belza looked at the acute thermogenic response to caffeine ingestion. Thermogenesis, the key indicator of overall metabolic rate, was measured for a period of 4-hrs after the ingestion of caffeine. Results showed a six percent greater level of thermogenesis over the course of the treatment period. This kind of elevation is certainly of key interest to those waging war on unwanted bodyfat.

    Additionally caffeine has shown to be extremely beneficial on exercise performance and maximizing intense training. In one study looking at the ingestion of caffeine on peak power output, caffeine supplementation increased Peak Power output by 6.7%. These 14 individuals consumed 250 mg of caffeine prior to exercise. In terms of the raw data, Peak Power in the placebo group was only 903.7 watts whereas after caffeine ingestion it was 964 watts. Imagine all those extra fat burning reps enhanced by caffeine ingestion.

    The last ingredient in this thermogenic trio is white willow bark as a source for salicin which converts to salicylic acid in the body. This particular ingredient by itself has never been shown to have any thermogenic activity. So by itself it probably wouldn’t prove to be overly useful in shedding bodyfat. However, when combined with other agents that have thermogenic activity its effects are pronounced. White willow bark, through certain pathways involving prostaglandins and other messaging systems, may help to increase and extend the thermogenic activity of the other compounds in the formula.

    So there you have it. Vapor-XT represents a critical shift in the way you’ve looked at thermogenics. Delivering two highly-powerful thermogenics, coupled with a compound designed to extend the physiological life of the product and help keep fat burning going strong. Simple, powerful and effective –Vapor-XT.

    Advancing Muscle Science

    Advanced Muscle Science, known for their redefining work with muscle-building components, funneled their expertise and resources toward making an impactful, relevant fat-burning formula. Always looking to advance the pursuit of the lean, muscular physique, AMS once again advances the science and changes the game with Vapor-XT.


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    Halostachine MSDS

    Ephedrine MSDS

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  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    what a deal, and just in time for summer.. come get some people!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    what a deal, and just in time for summer.. come get some people!
    This includes a free bottle of Hypertrop-X and a sample of Blue Raz Body Mortar. It's a great deal. Here is the Hypertrop-X label for those unfamiliar. I love using this supplement before fasted cardio or training in general...

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  4. How do you know it comes with a free botle of Hypertrop-X?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by marcink99 View Post
    How do you know it comes with a free botle of Hypertrop-X?
    If you put the Vapor-XT in your cart then go to your shopping basket there is a big green link that says "Click here for a FREE Hypertrop-X now!". Just click that link and add it to your order. You will see it at checkout for a price of $0.00.

    Let me know if you would like screen shots or anything.
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  6. Wow. Wish I had some money. Great deals guys.

  7. How long after my first bottle can I start a new one? Because I'm likeing the affects.
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  8. 2 week break, then start er up again. Great deal AMS.

  9. how long will the sale last for?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by marcink99 View Post
    how long will the sale last for?
    We will keep it active for about 30 days.
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  11. Bump. If you order and get the free Body Mortar sample let us know if you like the taste/profile.
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