Has anyone tried Scivation Solution 5?

  1. Has anyone tried Scivation Solution 5?

    Just wondering if you liked it and about the taste?

  2. I havent but I used scivation chocolate whey many times and love it!! Best tasting whey IMO
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  3. There are very few companies that I completely trust, but SciVation/PrimaForce is one of them. Not only are they completely committed to quality products, but they are run by some of the most professional people in the business. Marc, Layne, Derek, Chuck, etc. all breathe the BB/fitness lifestyle and are amongst the most intelligent and diligent minds around today. I have NEVER used one of their products that I did not like.
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  4. Just bought mine last night, tried it today. It tastes great. Reminds me of all the whey isolate in chocolate. It's not too thick, but it tastes really good. I mixed it with some ice, carb countdown milk, a little bit of cottage cheese, and a couple stevia packs..> tasted great

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