trimax being pulled?

  1. trimax being pulled?

    custom whats up with this?

  2. I heard it is because Custom does not like you.

  3. Its true, its true.

    I can no longer sell this to anyone who likes to run for fun. Sorry, but I've made my choice and I'm sticking to it.

  4. Just busting your balls Trey. I have lots of TriMax on hand; no worries, friend.

    The situation with retailers and the product is different, but again, no worries for you.

  5. damn runners don't need no trimax. you bastards are already thin enough. I WON'T HAVE IT!!!!!

  6. good to hear because I was worried when I read it over at atomic nutrition.

    in one post on that page the owner of Atomic Nutrition says:
    " Tri-Max will be no longer for insurance reasons. Omega is not going to make it anymore."


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