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  1. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    1st is joing to be a joint compound formula that will be quite a bit more effective than what 95% of people are accustomed to.

    Can't help with the names. I am Engineer and thus verbally challenged

    However, question. Is the joint compound going to be transdermal or oral?


  2. Maybe its my age, but Omega Suppressor sounds like a know, robots-in-disguise?

    *Ah crap, my age is showing*

    The Omega Support Line:

    OmegaFlex - New superior joint lubrication formula; an old addage with a new twist.

    OmegaSuppress - Never give in to your late night cravings again! The newest combo of the most potent legal appetite suppressing compounds on the market!

    Omega7 - Block cortisol with the transdermal application of 7-oxo-DHEA!

    OmegaRetain - Our line of hair products designed for you to retain every last hair; because we know how precious they are to you!

    Ahh I dont know...the combined effects of cAMPH and sesathin + a smidge of caffeine have me on a happy energy high.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    I think I am leaning towards Omega Flex and Omega Lean, but Omega Suppressor has a ring to it as well.

    Anywho, who ever's suggestion I use will get some hook ups as a thank you...I hope that is considered a fgair trade.
    I agree, that would be more than fair trade.

  4. How about F.T.F.D.A (**** the fda)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by griz145389
    How about F.T.F.D.A (**** the fda)
    Hey! I like that! Has a nice ring to it.

  6. I like the OmegaFlex....or OmegaSoft.

    For the hoodia/synephrine
    OmegaGone, or
    something like Omegakill (as in appetite). I think you could use OmegaLean for something else...or apply something more specific for the hoodia/synephrine complex.
    Hell, HoodiaComplete or OmegaDietControl are other thoughts.

    Alright, enough thinking while watching basketball. Go BC!

  7. Well if you don't like Omega's Lean Support for the hoodia/synephrine mix, how about Omega's Diet Support or Omega's Appetite Support.
  8. Talking

    So, I'm guessing Bone grease is a no.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Beau
    So, I'm guessing Bone grease is a no.
    ROFLMAO!!!!!! Good name for a different product maybe.

  10. How bout Flex Appeal for joint compound

    and Satisfied for appetite suppressant

  11. Ohhh....satisfied is good.


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