Plans for more Research Nolvadex?

  1. Plans for more Research Nolvadex?

    I didn't get the memo if you guys were stocking it or not anymore....
    BTW - much respect for your donation to the Tsunami disaster.
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  2. What fluid was/is the liquid nolva mixed with? Something that gives it flavor and spice--obviously not just plain bstatic water.

  3. Look for an announcement soon.

  4. Look for an announcement shortly.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Look for an announcement shortly.
    I'll be looking for this announcement. Hopefully it means you'll be carrying more.

    I was using my spare money to stock up on Ph's and just "assumed" the PCT would be easy to get. Kinda caught me off guard.

    Crossing fingers at being able to get it at my favorite place...

    BTW - Awesome idea on the Tsunami relief. I hope to make an order soon.



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