Quick Question about PEG-400

  1. Quick Question about PEG-400

    I was planning on using this to hold my Nolva, however, on the bottle it says that if ingested I should induce vomiting and seek medical attention. Is PEG-400 edible?

  2. Its not the best idea to consume industrial chemicals like that, but many do and have, and live to tell about it.

  3. If you're concerned about the PEG, I've "heard" that everclear or bacardi 151 works well. Of course, those could also possibly be used as industrial solvents. But people have consumed these and lived to tell about it, even though they couldn't remember anything to tell.


  4. Here is some info on it. If you do a search for MSDS or PEG you will find more stuff like this and this and this

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Its not the best idea to consume industrial chemicals like that, but many do and have, and live to tell about it.
    He may end up looking like this

  6. Toxo Citrate Powder works in everclear up to about 20mg/ml, at that point it may seperate a little, above that a lot. One can always reheat a seperated solution, but it's a hassle to do so every time.

    Dr.D described a procedure with Epsom Salts on here for removing the 5% or so of water from Everclear, he says that will increase it's solubility strength, whatever the proper term is for this, substantially.

  7. I wouldn't waste the PEG400 on nolva. Everclear works just fine.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by b5150
    He may end up looking like this

  9. OOOHHH.....Brian is SOOOO funny (actually that was a pretty good one).

    Now back to the thread. I've heard that some researchers have had great luck getting 40mg/ml TC in 151. You would just need to heat it with the cap on and crush any clumps prior to putting it into the solution.


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