any updates on the 1-ad

  1. any updates on the 1-ad


  2. Labels. Waiting on labels. I will put them up, finished or not, on Tuesday, and I will just slap a homemade on on there if I have to.

  3. Fine by me. Who needs pretty labels anyway.

  4. You'd be surprised...

  5. Honestly, based on my past experiences with you, I wouldn't care if you just put a piece of masking tape on the bottle and just wrote "1AD" with a marker.

    I guess others need pretty labels though...

  6. Will this be in powder as well, or how bout capping some 1,4diol?

    That's what I'm really interested in Matpal... oh yeah and some Matrix 5.0 that you said I'm SOL on.

  7. Oh Toad, you'd know I'd love to hook ya up; but I am kind of limited in what I can do right now until I get out of my day job.


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