Powder Issues -- Again

  1. Powder Issues -- Again

    To help resolve the powder issues, I am changing the way I ship it. Some wanted them in envelopes, but others wanted baggies but did like the static cling. I think I have a solution that will please both parties and allow me to keep up on top of orders.

    I have found some anti-static poly bags that are usually used for computer parts and other sensative electronic components. They are supposed to be free of any kind of static electricty, so we will see how they work on powders.

    If any of you who already ordered are unhappy with the way the powder arrived due to rough handling of the shipment, you are more than welcomed to return it for a new order.

  2. picky picky. Custom your devotion to customer service is commendable but it's a fact that powder comes in plastic bags or little screw top vials, it's always been that way. I know you don't want to say it because their your customers so I'll say it for you. "Quit your bitchin and be lucky you have access to powders. Anymore complaints and the **** will be sent to get pressed."

    Seriously people are you complaining about powder in the plastic bags? Give the man a break.

  3. Honestly for larger orders of powder (5-10grams+), I would use an empty 60 or 120cc vitamin bottle. They make it easy to get all the powder out and when purchased in bulk they cost less than $1.... or you could just make this option available for an extra $1 or 2.....

  4. Custom, you are the best. I would pay an extra $1 or $2 for a screw-top bottle if you offered it.

  5. Matt is one hell of a business dude. Always looking to please his customers. Hey Matt, how about filling the 50ml bottles you sell for the larger orders. I would even pay the difference since I purchase the bottles anyways.

  6. The packers (supplement bottles) and the ones I use for the research chems are really cheap. So, That is perfectly fine with me. I will add that as a drop-down option today.

  7. Once again his customer service is unbeatable....

  8. I cannot seem to get the drop-down option to work correctly. For instance, if you order 10 grams, it charges you for 10 bottles as well. if anyone knows an easy solution for this in OsCommerce, I'm all ears, but it does seem to be a problem as well on their support boards so I dont know if it will happen or not.

  9. I agree the bottles would be nice...similar to the ones 1fast uses.

  10. Why not sell a "bottle service" as a product (like 1fast does with their vac sealing) where you just buy x bottle service items for x products, if someone wants something special (1 product in a bag, another in a bottle) or weird personalized amounts in each bottle (3 grams divided into 3 one gram bottles) they can specify in the comments section


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