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    It says on the bottle not to use in conjunction w caffeine... Any insight on this and also how far apart should it be from dosing
    This has to do with watching for hypo. Sometimes caffeine can mask a blood sugar drop. Very important to watch for hypo as it is a very potent GDA. Within 45 mins to an hr you should notice
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    Client of mine just got 3 bottles of predator in, and we put it to test.
    His weekly average in weight was around 178. had him take 2 caps prior to cheat meal Sunday and he woke up at a new low of 177 pounds.
    Mid week I told him to take a refeed of 500g carbs, and then take a predator cap for pre-workout and later in the day with a meal of 100g of carbs. The following day woke up to ANOTHER new low 176.5.

    The inclusion of predator is the only thing I added and I increased his refeed frequency and he is getting leaner and maintaining his strength.

    Yup.. I had almost all my clients cash in 3-4 bottles .. so you easily had a few dozen bottles sold to those whom i take care of with nutrition and training!
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