Red sky fat burner - Review

  1. Red sky fat burner - Review

    Red sky is new energy boosting thermogenic fat burner. I have been taking it now for few weeks, and i must say this is way too powerful for me ! I have noticed how i lost weight and i lost all my appetite. This is good for some people but i won't be taking it for too far. If you want to lose some weight this is definetly strong and good choice for you ! as it goes for supplement facts:
    This product contains 250mg Phenylethylamine Alkoid blend combined with 2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) which is also good for burning fat and it's also appetite suppressant (we have already made review of DMHA, you can find it in older posts). You can find some L-carnitine and green tea in it which is also very helpful with burning fat ! As it goes with supplement fact this **** looks unreal and very powerful ! i definetly recommend giving it a try. Also don't take it for over 8 weeks since it's not fair to the ''ordinary people'' for you to be awesome all the time. Oh and the package that's some sick ****, looks great aswell you can stack it with chemical one,predator,claw or carnage to make it even more powerful.
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  2. Red sky is in a league of its own. It is strong so defiantly start with 1 pill and work your way up
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -
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