Titan Preworkout/fat burner review

  1. Titan Preworkout/fat burner review

    I have recieved sample of Preworkout called Titan. It's a preworkout that can be used as a fat burner, which is interesting for someone who wants to shred till summer and loves preworkouts. I recieved watermelon flavor and taste is good. also the pump and energy were insane. It contains some caffeine, taurine for energy and L-arginine, citrulline malate
    for those big veins. But don't use it for too long, we recommend from 4-8 weeks for fat burning and 8-12 weeks as it goes for preworkout. You can stack it with chemical one if you truly wanna look anabolic.
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  2. Titan is one of my favorite preworkouts. It is no joke. I love the yerba mate stimulant. That is what makes this one unique. I always sweat with this one.

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