Aggro Review (Nootropic)

  1. Aggro Review (Nootropic)

    Agro is my favourite nootropic supplement ! I love how it works, it can really help me focus and boost me with some energy + i think it makes me think more clearer/smarter. I really love the effect of it. If you need something for studying, working or even gaming this product is definetly worth buying ! It could also be replacement for energy drinks.
    What's in it:
    N-Acetyl_L-Tyrosine which improves memory, makes you feel better and less stressful
    N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid, a newcomer to the supplement scene that improves mood and focus and provides jitter-free energy with no crash
    Max Endure XT, a proprietary ingredient that increases stamina
    Orchilean, another proprietary ingredient which has stronger stimulant properties than caffeine and increases alertness and focus. we wrote for this ingredient specifically review
    Caffeine di-malate and caffeine anhydrous for fast-acting energy
    overall it's a great stimulant for brains, it can be very useful and yes it works ! I Like to stack it with Cannibal Genius Nootropic but it works great alone aswell. I take 1 scoop.

    Get it cheaper on with code TeamJacked20

    You can follow me on my instagram jacked.teamwolf for more reviews and photos !
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