Cannibal inferno amped review

  1. Cannibal inferno amped review

    Summer is coming and it's time to shred for those nice abs. I have decided to try Inferno amped fat burner. I chose amped version simply because it contains 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) which i personally love. Inferno amped does multiple things like gives you tons of energy, gives you brain boost and helps you burn off stubborn body fat. If you don't know what DMHA is i made review on that in my older posts. Inferno amped contains some Acetylcholine which is primarily responsible for attention,focus and memory recall. Inferno amped can be used for about 8 weeks and go with 3 capsules per day. If that is not enough try with two in the morning and two before a workout. For now it works great and i think it will bring good results as far as it goes to burning fat. I can feel alot of energy with this product but watch it is stimulant and that's why i love to take it in the morning. You can get it for 20% off with TeamJacked20 code.
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  2. I've started my first bottle and I'm loving it so far. It's the first time I ever took anything to help me with being a fatass and results are well beyond my expectations. (I was kinda skeptic about fat burners, but holy hell, it works)

  3. I just started this today.
    I took two caps, but as I posted here in a seperate thread, I am not sure of the dosing.
    the product page says no more than 3 caps a day, the bottle says a serving is 3 caps.

    I have a very high stim tolerance, but I do not want to burn through a bottle in just a few days. I don't need more stims on top of stims, and I do want that buzz but don't want to create a tolerance, especially considering I cant tell what some of the ingredients will do yet lol.

    Looking forward to the log btw.
    I will check in for sure.

  4. Hey stevencfitnes !
    I have been reading people are taking up to 6 caps ! You can definetly try more, but don't just jump on 6 caps, go with 4,5,6 and you will see.

    If you want buzz i recommend that you buy 2-aminosheptane (DMHA) i usually take 4 caps and the buzz is amazing. But you will get tolerance to everything. That's why DMHA is great because you don't have to take it everyday, but fat burner you need to for best results.

    Hope you will like the product and post results !

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