Green vs yellow cannibal ferox amped (apocalypse)

  1. Green vs yellow cannibal ferox amped (apocalypse)

    You could see those two editions, but probably didn't know the difference, that's why i wanted to clear it up since i tried both of them. I have tested both
    and i can tell you that they are pretty much the same. I have yellow and green ferox with watermelon warmachine taste and they taste the same.
    Also the effect is the same I can't really say there is stronger one. Both hit well and I have great workouts with both of them. The main difference
    is that green one has been tailored for Europe market. They both have 75mg of DMHA. They have some different compounds in it but i didn't see any difference. So what i noticed with ferox is that you will have insane workout. You won't want to have breaks between sets and you will be able to do alot more reps. I love to use it when i need extra energy,focus or motivation. Also have in mind that your veins are going to look sick, it really pops them out !
    I have even more reviews of chaos and pain products on my instagram jacked.teamwolf
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