Hey guys ! You could already read our reviews on our instagram page which is jacked.teamwolf but i decided to drop them here aswell ! We have tried all of this products and this is our research and thoughts on them ! If you want drop us a follow aswell ! We post daily
so here is the review:
DMHA shares very similar structure to previously known DMAA. It is available in capsules on chaos and pain. Effects last for about 3-4 hours and the effects are euphoria,wakefullness,focus. You will definetly be able to do more reps, also music is going to feel amazing so don't forget your headphones at home! Dosage: 100-150mg. It is not a very known supplement since DMAA was banned and DMHA came out in year 2016, so it's kinda a secret supplement. You should also know that it can be a powerful appetite suppressant, which is for some people good since it can help with losing weight. So yeah 2-aminoshepthane from chaos and pain has been a must have supplement for Team Wolf it works great for motivation and ofcourse better workouts ! Also don't do cardio when you take this supplements and don't rush with it maybe start with low dosage and see how it goes, you can always add more capsules.
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