Red Sky - What do you think?

  1. Red Sky - What do you think?

    Hey whats up

    I jumped on the sweet deal chaos and pain opened up with for Red Sky so I have 2 bottles coming my way! I am in Canada so it might take a little while and I'm sure you guys in the USA will get yours and get to enjoy well before me. Also grabbed a tub of Riot while I was at it!

    Who else has ordered? Anyone tried yet? Thoughts?

  2. Really interested in hearing people's thoughts

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BloodManor View Post
    Really interested in hearing people's thoughts
    Ya I was hoping to see some people's thoughts before I receive mine.

  4. Keep us posted!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mowglisml View Post
    Keep us posted!
    Will do! Always hard to know exactly with shipping and customs but I'm hoping it should be here by the end of the week

  6. Well I've tried Red Sky for a couple days now. For once I followed directions and have only went with 2 pills instead of the full 3 just to be sure it didn't over stim me. Well tomorrow will be the first day of 3 and I'm really hoping the extra pill makes a difference. I've felt the thermo but that's about it. No rush of energy. I have noticed a subtle increase but not as much as I expected/hoped


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