It's here our fruits and greens product!!!

  1. It's here our fruits and greens product!!!

    At chaos and pain we are turning it up!!!!!

    We have just released our fruits and greens product called GAIA!!!!

    More new products to come to show how well rounded of a company we are. Once we release the product look for a free giveaway coming to the forums!!!!!!

  2. Hell yeah !! Fuccing love it
    Alpha20 - Chaos and Pain 20% off your order today.
    PM with any questions bros!

  3. I just picked this up- got 1 tub and a free tub. Can't wait to taste this.

  4. Looks awesome!


    Looks amazing!!
    No prop blend either!!! Love it

  6. Sold out already? Showing as unavailable for me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Myrmidon View Post
    Sold out already? Showing as unavailable for me.
    was not available in morning- but you are good to go -on my end...people got a excellent deal...I jumped on it first thing. My ETA is 4/6..will put up a review with first try.

  8. shows as available to me...

  9. We will have more in stock very soon. Just keep checking the website. Can't keep enough in stock. Definitely a popular product. So much more to come from us at chaos and pain

  10. did a review- great product

    Hugo's GAIA review

  11. 2 on the way


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