Banned @ for noticing Apex ******** Diet was right

  1. Banned @ for noticing Apex ******** Diet was right

    A while back I started noticing something was pretty seriously wrong with the bulk/cut/CICO approach to body composition pushed on most of the internet. I started a thread on to discuss it.

    I reasoned it through and it was stupid and didn't make sense. Calories change your scale weight, not your composition. Everyone advises to gain and lose the same 30 lbs repeatedly, but nobody I asked could explain why that would change your muscle/fat ratio. What prevents you from gaining 50% fat along with your muscle as you bulk? What prevents you from losing 50% muscle as you cut, taking you back to square one? Obviously none of it actually works unless there is something about your diet that tends to make you leaner and more muscular regardless of scale weight.

    I thought about it hard and arrived at a Jamie Lewis-like conclusion: high protein, high fiber, low carb and low fat. 50% cals from protein, 25% cals from fat and carbs respectively.

    I looked at videos of like 6 bodybuilders, they all either say 50/50 protein/carbs plus a lot of vegetables and almost no fat, or else a diet of nearly all protein.

    Everyone at has been fed garbage for years about what is really important in nutrition. Every retard on says "just count calories brah" while real bodybuilders basically eat a diet of protein. Jay Cutler sits down with huge plates of egg whites & mushrooms, washed down with a zero carb protein shake mixed in water. He apparently eats things like turkey meatballs without anything to go with them, just stuffing wads of lean protein in his mouth.

    I posted these findings on the nutrition forum, without ever insulting or being rude to anybody, in fact I was very polite, and was suddenly banned.

    They literally banned me for pointing out that the dogma is false. I must've touched a nerve, because they deleted the thread too. "He found the truth, shut it down!!!"

    It was spectacular, I literally got banned for noticing Apex ******** Diet was right.

  2. If youre natty, you gonna need a decent amount of fats for hormonal health. Not to mention lipids.

    I wouldnt rely on heavyweight IFBB athletes dietary recommendations/practices for guidance, personally.

  3. Is still a thing? I guess I'm more surprised by that
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