CnP training log: Destroy the Opposition (Intermediate Squat)

  1. CnP training log: Destroy the Opposition (Intermediate Squat)

    Track & Field to CrossFit to 'Exercises in Extremity'.

    Im not training to hit a meet. I train for the fun of it, and because I want to be as strong and jailhouse jacked as possible.

    I'm currently in my third week (thus restarting the cycle). The first two weeks saw an utter barrage of DOMS, exhaustion, cramping traps and quads and blood blotches covering my eye lids. So stay tuned for a daily update.

    I'm going to keep it pretty CnP style: Squats, Deads, Benches, BTNPP, Shrugs, Rows, Weighted Chins. You get the drift.

    Tune in and drop a comment !

    The week thus far:

    Week Three / Day 1.
    Heavy Squats: Low Bar Back Squat: 6x4x155kg. Felt horrendously heavy. Hate early AM squats.
    Lower Body Minor: BB on the Back Reverse Lunge: 3x16x60kg (Alt. 8p/leg). Light I know. This ****s new to me.
    Push Accessory: Close Grip Bench w/ Chains. 3x12x60kg + 20kg chains. Bottom: 65-70kg. Top: 80kg. Paused Reps. Once again a new exercise and the first time using chains. Was hoping to blow my tris to pieces as my lockout is weak as piss, however this instead gave me the pec pump of the gods.

    Week Three / Day 2..
    Heavy Press: BTNPP: 10x2x105kg. Love this exercise. Pure aggression. Tricky to perform in a typical commercial gym. Had a few close calls and nearly decapitated myself twice today alone.
    Light Bench: 3x8x95kg (paused) - SUPERSET - Pulling Accessory: Hammer Grip Chins 6x10xBW.
    Upper Body Minor: S/A Lateral Raise: 3x12x12kg.

    Week Three / Day 3.
    Light Squats: Front Squat: 3x8x100kg
    Heavy Deadlift: Was gunning for 10x2x200kg. Felt s#&t. So called it quits at 6x2x200kg
    Heavy Pull: The sh#&tness continued. 6x3x120kg.
    Lower Body Minor: Standing Ham-Curl 3x20x30kg.
    Crap session but got some heavy work done. Optional day tomorrow. Will do some mobility and activation work to prep for heavy squats on day 5. Stay tuned.

  2. Week Three / Day 4.
    Optional Day: After the yesterdays s#*t storm I decided it wise to fuel up on pizza and headed in for 40min of full body mobility work.
    I then followed this up with 3 rounds of activation exercises including: single leg deads, seated scar retraction rows, L - Flys, Cuban Presses and OH squats to prepare for Heavy Squats tomorrow. The plan: 8x3x165kg.

    Till then.

  3. Week Three / Day 4.

    Heavy Squats: 6x3x165kg. 2x2x165kg.
    Light Pull: Bent over row: 3x8x90kg
    Pull Accessory: DB Curl: 3x20x12kg DB's
    Lower Body Minor: Lef Press: 3x20x160kg

  4. Week Three / Day 5.

    Heavy Bench: 10x2x120kg
    Light Press: 3x8x50kg
    Push Accessory - SuperSet - Upper Body Minor: Dip x 10 @ BW, BB Curl x 10 @ 30kg. 10 Rounds.

    Week Four / Day One.
    Medium Squats: 4x6x135kg beltless
    Heavy Press: BTNPP 6x4x100kg
    Heavy Pull: DB Row 6x4x50kgs
    Upper Body Minor: Bench w/ Chains 3x10x60kg+15kg chains p/side (75kg at the bottom, 90 at the top)

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