CNP promo

  1. CNP promo

    What would you like to see as a promo from Chaos and Pain?

    A Chaos and Pain promo will be coming up very soon. Go here to sign up for the news letter.

    Don't forget use discont code onlychevy620 at checkout
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    Use Discount code: onlychevy620 for your 20% off

  2. BOGO deals
    Black Lion Research Representative

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jgntyce View Post
    BOGO deals
    I dig that.

    How about a new protein flavor and big sale on all protein.
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  4. Free shirt with every order.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  5. Hell yes I'm in. Maybe a nootropic stack deal? Aggro, Genius, and DaVinci for a good stack price? Or even Aggro and Genius together.
    Also maybe a great deal on Ferox. I haven't tried it yet but I see nothing but good things about it.
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  6. I'll harass you here too. When can we hear more on the new BCAAs? Thanks!
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  7. Real soon. ;-)
    Chaos and Pain -Rep

    Use Discount code: onlychevy620 for your 20% off


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