So I did the apd for not too fat f.ucks a while ago, followed it for about 4 months. I really liked the result in the mirror, I was never heavier or leaner before in my life.
I also was more aware, more present by day and I felt like I had more energy.

But, my sleep was terrible, I spent about 11 hours in bed (and not for the good reason) to get at least my 7-8 hours of sleep. It took ages to finaly fall asleep and then I would wake up at least ten times a night. Also I had mostly nightmares.
On a regular diet I sleep usually within 30 minutes wake up maybe once, when I drank a lot of water before bed and have no mightmares.
On rampage day I would sleep like a king though, 10 hours straight were no problwm.

I tried a keto that is not apd and got the same reaults sans the nightmares, tried it only a week and a half though.

Anyone got a similar experience?
Anyone knows what to do other than drugs?

Also, I ate some veggies every day and supplemented with a multi vitamin calcium and magnesium.