1st Pre-Workout in a loooong time!

  1. 1st Pre-Workout in a loooong time!

    So, I've had a history of pre-workouts giving me the runs so I've just stuck to coffee. But I did enjoy the stim effect of those pre-workouts. Ferox definitely piqued my interest. No secret ingredients and as a follower of the CNP blog, I know that the maker is super OCD about what goes into it.

    Put my order in today, so hopefully I'll have it early next week (along with Cannibal Genius).

  2. It has arrived, but I'll have to wait until the weekend to use it. No way was I going to taking it for my 7:30pm workout last night.

  3. Let us know how it works for you!
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  4. I've only used it a handful of times (I generally train in the evening so no stims then). But I have taken it on the occasional sunday morning session and I can feel the stim/concentration effects immediately. No crash for me either. More importantly, no runs! Most pre's give me crazy stomach issues. So I suppose it's a testament to the quality ingredients.

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