Training for Combat Athletes

  1. Training for Combat Athletes

    Hey, anyone who does Chaos and Pain style training and trains / has trained in combat sports, how do you approach training differently when considering practice? Do you lower your volume, focus on different lifts or do anything differently?

  2. Interested to see where this goes.

  3. I did some toughman fighting and trained in MMA and JKD for a few years and never changed my training style at all. Being incredibly strong will never hurt.

    As a teaser, I am working on a BME about Wanderlei Silva- it's about half done.
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  4. I have a similar view. I always thought strength was best developed generally (i.e. weight training) and conditioning / endurance was best developed specifically (i.e. through practicing your sport). However, I know a lot of guys who start doing a lot of more strength-endurance training in the gym when they transition into combat sports.

    Can't wait for that BME.

    I also can't wait to see the Wanderlai and Chael fist fight on TUF this Sunday.

  5. I did boxing through highschool and had a few fights (was skinny). Did martial arts for most of life growing up. After highschool I got into powerlifting, eventually training 7 days a week.

    Recently got back into MMA, I'd really like to have some fights soon.

    Currently I train lifting 6-7 days a week, and MMA 4 days a week (usually an hour + of grappling and an hour + of striking). Comes to a ****ing LOT of training hours a week (25ish?). Still natty.

    Its hard sometimes, you get injuries from rolling and sparring, but all in all its not so bad if you just ****ing eat enough.

    My biggest problem is that I'm 5'9 and wanna lift at like 90kg when Im at my max lifting age/body. Except if I sat around/lifted around here I'd probs like to fight at middleweight (85kgish).

    Except 5'9 seems way too small for middleweight, but if I cut too much weight then I wont be a good lifter (and have dem ****en aesthetics).

    So anyone can advise me? I have no ****ing clue.

  6. You don't need to be heavy to be strong. There are plenty of really lean and deceivingly strong dudes in MMA and other weight class sports.

    Just figure out how to use your body type and strengths.

    There's not a formula for developing an appropriately leveraged fighter. MMA is either too new or too unpredictable to come up with any statistically relevant conclusions on ideal body type for fighting; think of all the different body types of dominating MMA champions there's been.

    Find what works for you and ****ing dominate.

  7. The only thing you really need to consider when convincing any type of training with another is how it will affect recovery and subsequent performance. Usually a small drop in volume for your weight training is all you need.


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