Carbs on APD

  1. Carbs on APD

    Has anyone tweaked the APD diet to utilize carbs? Reading Lyle mcdonald, he advises 50 grams to prevent the body using amino acids as fuel.

  2. It's not necessarily a zero-carb diet. I think one of his clients even did APD+Potatoes because it made him happy. IIRC, keeping it under 150g carbs/day will let you hang on to ketosis, though I have trouble even hitting 50g/d unless I make myself eat them. I honestly forget the carb policy on PSMF days, but I'd assume they're actually as close to zero carb as shakes will allow. He's got like 9 blog posts on the diet (Evolution of My Diet, Introducing, FF, NTFF, Italians, Rampage, etc). If you haven't read them all, do so.

  3. That's great cheers.
    Only reason i would want to include carbs is i train up to 3 times a day. Wrestling practice and a weight program but i like to do weird **** in the gym and hit my favourite lifts and the weight program is kind of rigid. I mix up the 6 shakes in a gallon jug and just make sure it's gone by the end of the day.
    So it's simply a case of tweaking the diet to work with what i do

  4. Yo guys- I covered adding carbs and the dispute about when here:
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