Packers meets Choas & Pain's Ferox!! Unleash the beast!

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  1. Thanks guys. I don't know the heck incline bench is so easy for me vrs flat lol Today was good. Went to gym hit up cardio first. Treamill 27 minutes 1.4 miles then triceps. Afterwards sauna


    rope press downs: 90 lbs x 12, 100 lbs x 10,10,

    v bar press downs: 100 lbs x 10, 120 lbs x 10,10,10

    reverse cable bar curls: 100 lbs x 12, 120 lbs x 12,12,12

    machine dips: 120 lbs x 10,10

    over head db press: 70 lbs x 8,8

  2. 70 lb DB OHP are impressive as well Hulkster! Nice job man!

  3. As are those 120lb reverse curls.. christ my tennis elbow would flare up like a mf'er on those!
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  4. Yeah I love them lol

  5. Had good weekend. Just busy with kids ball games. Then kids party. Went to gym yesterday and did 17 minutes warm up on treadmill. Then hit biceps. Still feeling good just some tennis elbow crap.


    hammer db curls: 35 lbs x 6.6.6

    db curls standing: 30 lbs x 8,8,8

    ez bar curls: 55 lbs x 12,12,12,12

    Today's last serving will post final review later.

  6. This was a good run bro
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  7. Ok lil tired today with late night last night. I couldn't sleep for shiz. By the time I went to bed it was probally 1 something. Got up for work and manage to make it wo nodding off lol. I still push myself to hit the gym. Like I said before you know you have to push yourself to get your goal or it will never happen. I hit chest up today. No cardio as time was cut short. Took my last scoop of Ferox. Hopefully i'll get more this stuff is wicked.


    incline barbell press: 185 lbs 8, 205 lbs x 8, 225 lbs x 6, 245 lbs x 5

    flat db bench press: 65 lbs x 8,8,8

    cable flyes: 40 lbs x 12, 50 lbs x 10,10

    Final Review:

    mixing 10/10 mixes very easily no Clumps at all

    taste: 10/10 Very nice smooth taste not to biiter or medicine like taste.

    Energy: 9/10 Solid quick energy doesn't take but less then few minutes to kick in.

    Pumps: 8.9/10 Felt good solid pumps and people were saying that they could tell I was starting to look my tone. Even had one of the hottest girls in our gym mention to me that I was looking better.

    Over all i'd rate this easy 9.8 I'd like to see this company around for a long time and it be nice if Orbit nutrition can pick them up. I will say this as well. I took a serving of their Inferno the other day and that stuff is strong as i've seen in a while.

  8. look at this guy with the 'point' scale system... nice review broski
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  9. Nice review Pack.
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  10. Nice job in here Pack! Strong inclines! Are you starting a home base log? Good Ferox log and I agree with everything you posted about it.

  11. Thanks guys def enjoyed it. I'll be using their products a lot! What is a home base log lol I'm dumb??

  12. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Thanks guys def enjoyed it. I'll be using their products a lot! What is a home base log lol I'm dumb??
    I believe Kenpo is talking about an ongoing log that you update when you arent logging something else. Mind you you are always logging something lol
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  13. Oh gotcha lol. Yeah ima start a new log as in like a few minutes. I'll link.


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