Proof modern strength trainers suck: Kettlebells

  1. Proof modern strength trainers suck: Kettlebells

    Does anyone else subscribe to Bill Hinbern's Newsletter? In case you don't, he sent this out the other day...

    When Arthur Saxon, of the newly formed Saxon Trio, began challenging the world in feats of Strength, the trio began by posting the following challenge:

    "Arthur Saxon challenges (Eugen) Sandow or any other man in the world for any amount. A match can be ratified at the Sporting News office. Man and money ready."

    So, on this day in 1898, The Saxon Trio sought to carry out this challenge while performing at the Grand Music Hall in Sheffield, England.

    However, the three of them had no idea that the famous strong man mentioned in their challenge would be seated in the audience that very night!

    The great Eugen Sandow, at 30 years of age, billed himself as the "World's Strongest Man".

    So naturally, he was forced to defend this title by jumping up on the stage the minute the challenge was announced.

    This proved to be a huge mistake!

    Three feats were chosen by Arthur Saxon:

    The first feat...

    Saxon lifted a 110 pound kettlebell to his shoulder, holding it there with only his little finger while a 160 pound man climbed over his back and sat on the weight.

    Saxon then bent pressed the entire weight totaling 270 pounds.

    Sandow refused to attempt this feat.

    The second feat...

    Saxon performed the same feat with a 180 pound kettlebell plus Oscar Hilgenfeldt (another member of the original Saxon Trio), weighing 188 pounds, climbing on top of it for a total of 368 pounds.

    However, even though Saxon did bent press it to arm's length, he did not stand erect.

    Again, Sandow declined to duplicate the lift after testing the kettlebell.

    The third feat...

    Saxon bent pressed a 264 pound barbell and on his second attempt, stood erect.

    After five attempts, Sandow finally got the bell to arm's length, but was unable to stand erect, thus making it an incomplete lift.

    Therefore, Sandow had been defeated by the young, up and coming, strong man!

    And, of course, Saxon now had bragging rights to having defeated Sandow, "The World's Strongest Man", and began promoting this in his advertising.

    Sandow became enraged and sued Saxon.

    Sandow claimed, before the judge, that he had, indeed, lifted the 264 pound barbell to arm's length.

    However, being ignorant of the rules of the bent press, the judge ruled in favor of Sandow stating that he had lifted the weight and had fulfilled the challenge.

    While Sandow may have had the greatest physique of his era, his strength was certainly no match for the great Arthur Saxon, nor was his claim as "The World's Strongest Man"!

    110-180 lbs kettlebells! God, if that doesn't make modern kettleballers look like f^ck!ing a$$hats, I don't know what does.

  2. And you believe this? I've read those old strongman articles and some of the feats are just absolutely ****ing impossible, or maybe I'm a bitter *****.

  3. Depends who they are talking about. I do tend to believe the stuff about Saxon.

    Inch, on the other hand

  4. I find it interesting people are so quick to call bd on old strongman feats- those guys were from a much harder era than today.
    Chief Propagandist and Co-Managing Partner of Chaos and Pain

  5. Nobody gets numbers like this not because it's impossible but because nobody f^ck!ng tries anymore! Lifting has changed a lot in 120 years and if you had to sum it up it would be that lifting has become about lifting the most weight with the least amount of technical skill possible. Lots of the lifts that Saxon, Maxick, and Goerner aren't even touched because they take a few brain cells to master...or they're just hard.

  6. Lmao, our gym has a hectic kettlebell set.
    Colourful, clean, rubber group for all the badass kettlebell lifters. **** yeah.

    And they start low and move all the way up too

    Yup, 16kg mufuka.

  7. You're about to get HYOOOOOGE.
    Chief Propagandist and Co-Managing Partner of Chaos and Pain


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