1. Forskolin

    I was wondering if anyone has tried Forskolin, and had good results with it.

    Briefly, it's a compound extracted from a plant that acts as an adenylate cyclase activator (Bio-Test markets it, as well as many other supplement companies). I became interested in it few month when this article was published:

    A Zebrafish Embryo Culture System Defines Factors that Promote Vertebrate Myogenesis across Species, Xu et al., Cell, 2013.

    The highlights of this study were that forskolin promotes the proliferation of mouse satellite cells (the precursor cells to myoblasts/myotubules). Additionally, in combination with a few other factors it actually will cause iPSCs (induced pluripotenet stem cells) to differentiate into myotubules.

    A brief study in inactive people also saw some gains in lean body mass and loss of fat.

  2. Yes, it's a very popular and effect supplement here.
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  3. I'll give it a go at a low dose in a couple months with my ECA stack, thanks to this:
    But I've yet to try it.
    From what I've gathered, some people run dosages at something like 50mg/day, 75mg/day, 100mg/day, or max out at 150mg/day on these forums. Along the lines of 12 weeks on, 4 off.
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    It [forslkolin] mediates LBM gain in a testosterone-independent fashion, and it helps to restore testicular function via increases in cAMP

  4. That article looks interesting. I think I'm maybe going to try it at the 2x25 mg/day dosage as well. I probably won't combine it with anything else to start, I just want to see how much of an effect there is on it's own.

  5. Synthetic supplements Forskolin-95 is good quality and decently priced. I'm currently using 100mg/day.
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  6. Is it cheaper and more effective than GHRPs?

  7. Forskolin is more expensive and I would guess that it's less effective.

  8. I've noticed it's marketed as a fat loss supplement in inactive people, but I've noticed I might have gained a few lbs after a month doing 2x25mg/day. Anyone else have any experience with this?

  9. Weight gain is generally a food thing. I have a hard time believing that 4 weeks of a low dose would have a generous effect.


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