Inferno Review

  1. Inferno Review

    Huge thanks to CNPWayne for hooking me up with some inferno samples, he sent over 9 pills which at the max dose would be three days worth but after the first day taking three was a bit much for me and i take between 400-600mg of caffeine a day. I dosed the next three days with one am and one preworkout, and it did not disappoint.

    Energy-8/10: I think this is perfectly dosed because you do not get that real hyper feeling but just smooth constant energy more mood enhancing then anything. On the day I took three though I did get a little jittery not sure if it was timing or the amount though.

    Thermo-10/10: This stuff made me sweat! I wear a sweatshirt to the gym and it usually takes awhile to heat up enough but not with this, by my second set I am almost having to rip my sweatshirt off and I got soaked. Since I have ran out of my samples i really notice how much it worked it just gives you that extra bit to shed some weight.

    Overall this is an awesome product very pleased with the results, I have taken EC in the past as my go to and this compares for sure helps keep the appetite at bay while literally sweating your ass off. This will be a great addition to any cut and the summer is gonna be here before we know it.
    Check out my LG Bulk Kit log.

  2. Nice review man!

  3. Thanks again can't wait for cutting season.
    Check out my LG Bulk Kit log.

  4. I'll add my experience here as well.
    Bought a bottle of Inferno a month ago. I cut out my regular coffee intake and started on 2 pills per day (1 each in the morning and early afternoon) before moving on to 4 total per day. First few days I was hot as hell. It is summer in Australia but it was still noticeable. They seem to work especially well if you trigger them with some exercise - that is if you start to get warm on your own they really kick in. If you're sitting in an office you probably wont notice any real difference (especially once you get used to them a little).

    Anyway, as for the results: I had been doing C&P style training for about 6 weeks before I started taking them and noticed a big difference in fat loss over the month when I was. Enough that people noticed in any case, and I was already pretty lean.

    I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a little 'extra help'.

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