Who loves the old school lifts?

  1. Who loves the old school lifts?

    What initially hooked me on C&P was the older, and weirder, lifting. I think I stumbled on the site about this time ChAoS & PAIN: Step Right Up! Test Your Retard Strength With the Fast Curl and Press

    Since I don't do strength sports, I don't give a sh!!!t if the older lifts carry over to much of anything. It just what I enjoy doing.

    Does anyone else share similar thoughts about lifting? More specifically, whose tossing around iron like it was 1899?

    Before my ACL tear, I was starting to get okay at bent pressing. Around a year ago, I managed to two-hands anyhow my BW (at the time)...
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    After that unfortunate event, and the surgery that followed, I switched to side pressing the dumbbells at the gym off of a box. For the hell of it, I threw the fat grip on too. I've managed to get up to 120 lbs that. That's actually higher than I've bent press so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do once I can get back to bent pressing.

  2. I farted around with Zercher lifts for a while, and once my wrist gets a bit better (unfortunate Powerclean fail) I plan to play around with 1 arm snatches to see what sort of odd looks I can get at the gym.
    Wish there were some big-ass rocks around here though.

  3. I enjoy them but don't out much time into them, it's pretty tough to get much worthwhile stimulus out of them unless your already pretty accustomed to them (much liked oly lifts IMO)

    I had to learn the 1 arm deads for the UK strength and power series which was fun, bombed out combatively because I ****ed up setting my grip but had 3 plates up in the gym without straps.

    Love one arm snatches with a barbell, and tried 2 hands anyhow, I wouldn't mind playing for a bodyweight 2 hands.

  4. Once I'm considered 100% recovered from my ACL surgery, the first time in the gym after that is going to include Zercher lifts. I've been itching to squat and deadlift so that I can kill two stones with one bird.

  5. gimme dem bells lemme lift 'em

    right up ove rmy head

  6. I try to find more dignified uses for Kettlebells than swinging them endlessly for far too long.

  7. I did have done zerchers and loved them after one or two tries when I got comfy with them. They definitely got me some odd looks at my "Fitness" gym. I also have done overhead walks (not sure if that one is technically old school or not but it definitely is not done very often). Today when I did overhead walks with over a hundred lbs (keep in mind I am a 153 lb chick) it was awesome. The barbell carry (where you just deadlift the bar and take a walk with it) is really fun, and I can do this with 280 lbs...I am SO thankful that I have a MP3 player because NONE of these would be possible with my gym's ****ty music. They play Elton John and Miley Cyrus and **** like that, whenever an earbud falls out during the crazy lifts I try, I am appalled at the crap they play, definitely NOT motivational for crazy or heavy lifting. Anyhow, I have also done some two hand anyhows, managed to get around a hundred lbs overhead that way (I have only done that twice and am hoping to go heavier next time). There are a lot of them I would like to try, but just how to figure out what area of the gym I can do them in, so as not to hit any zumba-ers or so that it will be at a time when there aren't a million people crowding the equipment and staring at me in consternation while I try new and (to them) weird ****.


  9. If you guys are feeling ballsy and have the equipment, you should try The Ox; a lift made popular by I believe the Westside guys.

    1. Unrack a safety squat bar, walk it back, release your hands.
    2. Bend down to a straight bar and pull a deadlift.
    3. Don't die.

    Not an "old school lift" by any means, but undeniably awesome and worth a shot.

  10. RE zerchers. I tried a variation the other day where I inadvertently made it a pin zercher. Used a yoke bar and had the pins set where I didn't think they would interefere. Hit bottom and a surprise total deload and practically fell on my ass. Decided to try it again with anticipation of the deload and found it felt awesome, as well as harder than a standard zercher because swing of the yoke bar and the loss of stretch reflex. Needless to say my abs and legs were toast. Maybe something for you guys to try if you have a yoke bar around.

  11. I did a belt squat set up months ago that was quirky. I had a 125 lbs and a sandbag. I dug a hole in the ground, tossed the big guy in, hooked the belt to that and then held the smaller one front squat-style. So it was a belt- front squat hybrid.

  12. Mike Kuhns is a huge fan of the belt squat. He likes the way it affords him squat volume without loading the spine (and, as such, hampering recovery). Hard to argue with him, since he's a world record holder.

  13. Got another bizarre one.

    The gym I use has a prowler and a normal sled. I have a light harness from Spuds. I throw two plates on both. then, I hook up the sled to the harness ad pull while pushing with the low bar on the prowler, usually for 100'. I tried to get 8-10 reps but I struggle with six.


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