female chaos & pain fans/hooligans/product users

  1. female chaos & pain fans/hooligans/product users

    So are there any other women on here that have cool stories about exploring the "C&P" method of training and/or who have their own take on the products? Things in particular they hope for in the future? So far as far as supps I have tried Cannibal Ferox (great this far except for the taste which I am told will be better soon) and Canniibal Inferno which I find keeps me focused and awake and puts me in a pretty damned good mood and seems to keep my moods and crap like that under control, as well as my energy level. I know some women won't be into this but I also would like to try out the test booster when it comes out, since I don't think that anything short of really strong steroids is going to give me a beard and I am busting my ass to build muscle and naturally, being a female puts me at a hormonal disadvantage. I think I would like to give that a try as well. I am also curious as to what Cannibal Genius's effects will be on the wacky female hormone rollercoaster. Just a thought.

  2. Men feel free to chime in, but of course this is to take a swipe at female lifter issues and dealing with them while using the products and doing C & P and such.

  3. I have tried both the inferno and ferox and both are quality ****. Inferno definitely helps with getting my ass out of bed since I just restarted doing SKD and it doesn't make me feel like ass.

    I'm also interested in the test booster cause why the **** not. I'm currently doing the regimen he laid out in his hormone article and I need to do some testing for strength improvement but overall been in a better mood day to day regardless of work stress.

  4. So how did you find the regimen he suggested? Did you do the one with the zinc and stuff?

  5. Another words how specifically were the effects? Worth the money spent? My plan is to get them next paycheck and when he does the tedt booster I will combine that with the thing he suggested on his blog.

  6. Yup that's the one, I'm using 100mg of dhea. I started that regimen last month, and I feel like I am stronger and definitely hornier (which is terrible cause my ****buddy is in another state) as of this month. I will do some 1RM testing and keep you posted. I feel like it's the money well spent especially from $/pill standpoint. Also, I'm on birthcontrol so maybe the effects could have been felt sooner if I was off it but **** condoms.

  7. Alrightso I have just started estrogen blockers and test boosters..after one weak I look leaner jist based on the mirror and have had a pr on deadlifts of 300 lbs. Also much less moodier and generally happier. I am taking joint stuff to offset any issues on that side of things.

  8. What test booster did you get? I've been curious about that stuff and wonder if I should dive in

  9. A product called Erase (the estrogen blocker) and Cellucor's P6 black

  10. sorry..meant to say Erase Pro

  11. For what it's worth, you guys should check out 3-4 grams of tribulus a day stacked with ye ol' test booster (Vitamin Shoppe's Longjax MHT is mine of choice). I feel consistently leaner and have a perpetual urge to head butt things.

  12. If you get tribulus just make sure you get a high extract amount.

  13. my girlfriend reads the blog, does that count?


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