Brutality and Chaos - Jamie Lewis style!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by StrengthRebel View Post
    Look a bit closer. I changed to this program after making this log and then changed the title, but the change of title doesn't show until u click into the topic.

    And quit your ****ing attitude.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThaGerGuy3000 View Post
    Hahaha don't be mad son.

    Still wondering how long you have been lifting though since I am pretty new to barbells and wondering how I would compare.

    F.uck yeah, fight muthafuc.kaz. Fight. Flame war up.
    Let the flames engulf you, p#ssies.

    Chiming in with a training blog:
    Bodyweight - 75kg
    Deadlift: Worked up to 210kg, then 215kg, both beltless hook grip.
    Deloaded to 190kg 4x4.

    Beltless Olympic Squats: 150kg, 4x3.
    Strict Press: 65kg 8x3.

    F#cked around with some chin ups and abs at the end, whatever.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ThaGerGuy3000 View Post
    I still can't see how doing a routine that some other guy spoonfeeds you that seems to consist of only lifting below 70% of maxes has anything to do with CnP.

    It actually sounds like a "don't do this" example.

    But have fun. Also, how long have you been lifting?
    Maybe I have the collective IQ of the Polish Special Olympic team but I thought that C & P was just about doing whatever works for you by the dump truck load.


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