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  1. What's with the massive amount of buttdevastation?
    The company's supplements are cheap, work really well and they offer full disclosure on ingredients- what more do you want?
    The pre-workout is pretty amazing. 5-HTP + acetyl tyrosine is epic, epic combo. I stack most of what is in there anyway, at some point in my day. $40 for 30 servings is cheaper than the vast majority of pre-workouts on the market. I take 5-HTP + tyrosine, a cup of green tea with a fat burner that contains caffeine, PEA and yohimbe, have sublingual B12 and put creatine in my shakes. It works out slightly cheaper obviously but I don't have the convenience of just putting a scoop into a bottle and drinking it

  2. All this talk makes my butt hurt

  3. You guys are going to be fun to have in the forums. Welcome!
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Steve_ss1 View Post
    chaos and pain brought me here!

    the blog is awesome and Jamie is a cool guy.

    not tried their products as its a bit tricky over in the UK
    Hey dude i'm in the UK and got ferox shipped with no problems. Only took around a week and a half to arrive as well.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Justin_p View Post

    wow, I definitely didn't see that. whoops.

    also cheers boys and girls, glad to be here, definitely anabolically minded, and that is too a word I just wrote it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CNPWayne View Post
    We are excited to be here! Going hard in the paint!
    Will there be a preorder for the new flavours of ferox?

  7. Hopefully that ferox won't jack my bp like Mr Hyde. I popped a blood vessel in my eye while training on that. Nonetheless I'm stoked to try it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CNPWayne View Post

    Three hit me up about Jan 1 and I will send you a sample!
    Y'all kick asx.


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