Advice for a new comer to PHs

  1. Advice for a new comer to PHs

    I've spent the last few months reading just about every forum/topic I can regarding prohormones and as my divulging continues it seems that everything has just gotten extremely jumbled within my head. Currently my thought process is as follows. I'm looking for a bulking PH and have essentially come across Epistane and Halo as being the best pros for beginners, however I'm unsure which has the lesser sides in regards to gyno & hairloss. I was wondering which you recommend in this case? I'm finding that Epi is less harsh on the body in terms of gyno, but what about its results to shedding? If I am to choose Epi, how would you all recommend dosing it being a first time user of pros at a tender age of merely 21. (I am young, however I feel that I am experienced, and old enough to try only a cycle of PH.- Yes only one cycle, just want to see what the inside of pandoras box is like .)

    Nextly I am planning to use one of the following liver supports, liverlonger, organ shield, or PERFECT CYCLE. - Feed back on these would also be appreciated.

    I finally, i plan on ending my cycle ofcourse with a pct however my question, is a SERM absolutely necessary with either of these products or can a OTC pct suffice?
    Thank you so so much in advance for all of your help.

  2. Wait . . . no need to rush into PHs. At your age you should focus on establishing a muscle base that you can maintain and build upon. You are still developing and will grow quit easily with proper diet and nutrition.

    How many yrs of consistent training do you have?
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over


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