Quick Formex question

  1. Quick Formex question

    I have been using Formex for a month at 50mg daily with good results. I went to order another bottle from Bodybuilding.com (where I had purchased the product before) and the site said that this product had been discontinued. After reading the forums, it looks like the product is available. Any ideas why BB.com posted that on their site? Just curious as I would like to purchase another bottle ASAP. Thanks in advance.

  2. You might want to read this thread:

    bb.com warehouse raided

    What bb has chosen to pull and what was pulled for them may have them re-evaluating their business plan.

    Also, it looks like NP has Formex, as of right now.
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  3. looks as though it may be time to stock up on this just in case since this goes down as one of my favs ever

  4. Formex definitely hasn't been discontinued, haha. Like RB said, the BB.com warehouse was raided.

    Nutra has it..



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