Another Formex Question

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    Another Formex Question

    I'm interested in trying formex. I was wondering about dosing during PCT. I'm 36, 228lbs, about 18% BF (and dropping), training seriously (powerlifting) for 10+ years natural. 1 hdrol cycle under my belt.

    Next Cycle:
    PPlex - 30/30/30/20/0/0
    Epi - 0/0/20/30/40/40 (may stay with 30 throughout, depends on sides vs. gains)

    PCT will be nolva w/support supps. I was thinking of running formex during PCT, but wasn't sure if it should be tapered or not. After reading a couple posts, now I'm thinking it should be started while on cycle at a low dose. Would that inhibit gains in your opinion? Would you run it @ 25, say starting in the 3rd or 4th week with the epi then increase to 50 during PCT, or should I just run it during PCT?

    I will be logging this cycle on here also. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    I would personally run the Formex throughout your cycle{50mgs EOD} and possibly include it in PCT at 25mgs ED.{No higher IMO}

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