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      By Stephanie Smith Men's Fitness

      The science behind fitness and health can be confusing—and it's certainly ever-changing. One minute, a study supports a particular ...

      By Dean Stattmann MEn's Fitness

      A fictional gladiator once said, “What we do in this life echoes
 in eternity.” We say, “What you do in the kitchen echoes ...

      by Sumi Singh Brinkzone

      So you survived Thanksgiving, and are praying that the added cost of pumpkin pie + halloween candy + office parties + Christmas parties ...

      By Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN, CNS Huffpost Healthy Living

      People often ask my opinion about diet sodas. Many see them as a harmless substitute for sugar-sweetened ...

      By STEPHANIE STROM New York Times

      The chain that is home of the Slurpee, Big Gulp and self-serve nachos with chili and cheese is betting that consumers will ...

      by Michael Polis Bodybuilding.com

      Tell me if you know this dance: chicken, tuna, egg whites. Egg whites, salmon, chicken; salmon, chicken, and for a treat, a ...

      By Dan Trink, CSCS Men's Fitness

      Note from the Editor: Mike Simone
      Each month, MensFitness.com will select one trainer and a four week training program ...

      by Shannon Clark Bodybuilding.com

      Most people have heard that it's best to start the day with their highest-calorie meal. Your calories and carbs should then ...

      by Jill Yaworski Men's Health

      Jumping jacks are a great calisthenic, but they hardly scream, “This is going to be a brutal workout!” That’s about to change. ...
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