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      by Chris Cander Men's Fitness

      We decode all the latest weight-loss tricks and trends to help you lose that body fat and keep it off for good.


      From Science Daily

      A new study led by North Carolina researchers has found that when it comes to weight- and fat loss, aerobic training is better than resistance ...

      From Science Daily

      In a study examining possible factors regarding the associations between fructose consumption and weight gain, brain magnetic resonance imaging ...

      By Carl Lenore Superhuman Radio

      Everyone is coming out with a new workout or exercise program to capitalize on the New Year. New books to be sold. New variations ...

      By JANE E. BRODY New York Times

      Let’s start the new year on scientifically sound footing by addressing some nutritional falsehoods that circulate widely in cyberspace, ...

      by Hollis Templeton Men's Fitness

      Cutting calories? No need to subside on spinach and egg whites alone. Stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy foods that ...

      By Stephanie Smith Men's Fitness

      The science behind fitness and health can be confusing—and it's certainly ever-changing. One minute, a study supports a particular ...

      By Dean Stattmann MEn's Fitness

      A fictional gladiator once said, “What we do in this life echoes
 in eternity.” We say, “What you do in the kitchen echoes ...

      by Sumi Singh Brinkzone

      So you survived Thanksgiving, and are praying that the added cost of pumpkin pie + halloween candy + office parties + Christmas parties ...
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