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      From Charles Poliquin

      Gain muscle and lose fat by training with giant sets—those brutal sets of four or more exercises that target one part of the body, but ...

      By Stephanie Smith Men's Fitness

      We’ve all heard it before: warm up, listen to your body, build gradually. And yet, after lacing up and seeing the open road ...

      by Todd Bumgardner T-Nation

      I'm not an incredible squatter. On a spectrum of squatting proficiency, I'd fall somewhere at the far end of average, just before ...

      by Obi Obadike

      Q I've heard that doing interval training is the best form of cardio, but I don't think I'm ready for all-out sprints. Can I ...

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      If you manage to make it to the gym every morning instead of sleeping in, you already have a good deal of self-control. But ...

      By Jennifer Cohen Men's Fitness

      Exercise offers a brainpower boost, improving your focus for several hours after a workout. And hitting the jogging trail over ...

      by Nerijus Bagdonas

      Cardio is an essential part of staying healthy and carving an impressive physique. If programmed correctly, a good cardio ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      Lose fat by doing high-intensity resistance training. A new study from Italy shows that a metabolically intense weight training program ...

      By Brandon Hahn Athletic Xtreme

      Everyone wants a nice set of abs. If they could be bought, you’d see then on everyone’s Christmas list. Unfortunately, they cannot ...
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