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      By Linda Melone, CSCS Men's Fitness

      Question: How many single-limb exercises have you been incorporating into your workouts?

      If you said none, ...

      by Wil Fleming T-Nation

      Sneak into any Russian training hall, Chinese sports school, or Bulgarian weightlifting Mecca and you'll see dozens of guys with traps ...

      By Jennifer Cohen Men's Fitness

      If you think jumping on a trampoline is child’s play, think again. Trampoline classes are popping up in gyms across the country. ...

      By Mike Simone Men's Fitness

      As easy as the models and athletes in our magazine make being lean and ripped look, we’ve got to be honest, it couldn’t be further ...

      by the Editors of T-Nation

      So far in this series we've addressed ways to turn you into a pull-up maestro and build a set of perfect pillowy pectorals.

      From Charles Poliquin

      Build muscle and lose fat with workouts that elicit the optimal hormone response to training. New research in the European Journal of Applied ...

      By Amy Schlinger Men's Fitness

      When your workout routine starts to feel too, well, routine, it’s tempting to drop some serious cash to work out with one of your ...

      By Mattie Schuler Men's Fitness

      Chi Running—a combination of the Chinese martial art Tai Chi and cardio—might sound a bit weird. But believe it or not, it can ...

      by Mitch Muller Iron Magazine

      I’m going to share with you some valuable information that I wish I would have received earlier in my lifting career. It would ...
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