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      From Charles Poliquin

      Lose more fat and build more muscle with circuit training, while also improving your conditioning. Research shows that you don’t have to ...

      by Tom Venuto Iron Magazine

      A recent study from Duke University comparing aerobic versus weight training to see which is better for fat loss was one of the most ...

      by Todd Bumgardner T-Nation

      I remember the first time I saw a P90X infomercial. It was early in my college career and I was home for Christmas break. Football ...

      by Nick Tumminello

      I grew up with a love for bodybuilding, mostly because I spent much of my childhood in a dirty, stinky, dungeon-ish hardcore ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      Are you training hard, eating right, but aren’t losing fat like you think you should be? Many things can get in the way of losing fat even ...

      By Mark Bell

      Q I've been doing strength work and I fear my CNS is fried. How would I know, and if it is, what should I do
      about it? ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      Perform better by ensuring you get adequate recovery from intense training or competition. If you don’t take advantage of the recovery ...

      By Mike Simone Men's Fitness

      Are you the guy who’s always being over-powered on the field? Are you the pick-up games last pick? Have you been grinding out hard ...

      by Tony Gentilcore T-Nation

      Chances are if you're reading T Nation you're interested in muscle, and you're interested in packing on as much of it as possible. ...
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