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      by Al Kavadlo, CSCS

      Every day I hear from guys who've been banged up from lifting weights and are curious to try switching part or all of their ...

      From Ergo Log

      If you have high blood pressure, many doctors and patients think you shouldn't be doing strength training. This is not the case write researchers ...

      By Jeremey DuVall Men's Fitness

      Picture this scenario: It’s bench day again. Last week, you successfully conquered your heaviest day yet and made it through ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      Want to lose fat for summer? Or pack on some muscle so you look like a lean beast? Add a few extra inches to your vertical jump for that ...

      by Lee Boyce T-Nation

      Squats are the ultimate test of total body strength and mental toughness and one lift that every strength athlete worth his salt takes ...

      From Science Daily

      Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the chance of developing liver cancer in a world-first mice study that carries hope for patients ...

      From Ergo Log

      Knee wraps may help you to use heavier weights for squats and leg presses in the gym, but regular use might not be such a good idea. According ...

      by Chris Beardsley

      The quest for greater muscular strength and size can be confusing, even for people who have spent years in the field. Scientific ...

      From Charles Poliquin

      Unfortunately, Yes. Drinking alcohol after training or competition is a horrible idea. Alcohol will erase all possible performance gains ...
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