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      by Nick Nilsson Brink Zone

      I’m known as the Mad Scientist of Muscle for a reason…I come up with a TON of unique exercise and training techniques on a regular ...

      By Linda Melone, CSCS

      So you finally took the plunge and hired some help? Make every second of your precious sessions count with these nine tips from top trainers. ...

      by Kris Gethin

      If you want to be the biggest, hardest guy in the gym, you have to do what you fear, not fear what you do. If you fear doing ...

      by Jon-Erik Kawamoto and Lee Boyce T-Nation

      Do you want to pack on strength at an alarming rate? Do you have a relatively uninhibited schedule and want to see ...

      by Tony Gentilcore

      As a strength coach and co-founder of my own facility, I have the luxury of living in a strength and conditioning utopia. ...

      By the ProSource Research Staff

      Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time With These Targeted Workouts

      Upper Body

      Exercise Sets/Reps ...

      By Myles Worthington Men's Fitness

      No athlete masters double-unders, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups on day one of CrossFit. Getting these moves down takes ...

      by Jesse Irizarry T-Nation

      Nowadays, innovative seems to mean ineffective. Online strength "sages" come up with fifty new variations to exercises each ...

      By Shawn Radcliffe Men's Fitness

      Q: After getting some groin pain checked out, my doctor says I have a sports hernia. What kind of recovery am I looking at? ...
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